Premium Cat Food

The nutritional needs of cats are not much different from those of humans. Premium cat food, in a balanced plan, must contain a reasonable portion of nutriments from the following five groups : proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals. Premium cat food must contain proteins which are required for the growth and maintenance of the […]

Learn About Cats

Learn about cats and their hunting skills Cats are one of the most skillful hunters of all animals. A cat usually hunts alone instead of hunting in groups because hiding and pouncing cannot be successful in a group. Most cats hunt at night. Cats generally are nocturnal in habit. Cats are able to catch other […]

Love Your Cat and You Will Minimize Cat Behavior Problems

The best way to avoid cat behavior problems is through prevention, avoidance and love. If you set up your cat’s environment properly and make its life as stress-free as possible, odds are your feline friend will behave just fine.The following are ten great ways for you to prevent your cat from ever developing cat behavior […]