Premium Cat Food

The nutritional needs of cats are not much different from those of humans. Premium cat food, in a balanced plan, must contain a reasonable portion of nutriments from the following five groups : proteins, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Premium cat food must contain proteins which are required for the growth and maintenance of the cat body. Some specialists also argue that proteins are used by cats to produce energy. Proteins are found in meats, such as beef, lamb, pork and chicken, milk, fish, cheese and eggs. cat-food_4

Fats are a source of energy and heat. They contribute to the good condition of the skin and the fur.
Premium food with carbohydrates are also a source of energy. However they are not a must for cats. Sugars and starch are found in potatoes, bread and pasta. You may include only small quantities of this type of food in the cat’s meal, provided the animal will take it.

Vitamins should always be present in premium cat food. They are indispensable to the proper functioning of the cat’s body and also strengthen its immune system. Animals with a balanced nutrition will not require additional vitamins unless they are in particular conditions. For example a pregnant female cat may need vitamin D to support the development of strong bones and teeth.
Finally, minerals are essential in premium food but only in small quantities and cats should have find the minimum portion in a balanced nutrition.

Where do we find premium cat food ? Although dehydrated food lasts longer it contains a higher level of cereals and residues than canned food. On one hand, these residues create urinary problems but on the other hand they prevent the accumulation of tartar on the cat’s teeth.

Of course you can go homemade and prepare your own cat food. If you choose that solution here are a few simple rules : meats must be boneless and can be served raw. Always buy fresh meat and balance the different types. Fish and vegetables should always be cooked and give your cat low fat milk to facilitate his digestion.

Bottom line ? Choose premium cat food containing the above-mentioned groups and portions. Look at product labels and choose food with the right balance, avoiding food with high levels of carbohydrates. The daily consumption of an adult cat should include one-half to a full can of hydrated food, some dehydrated crackers, unlimited water…and whatever treats your cat will find outside the house !!
It’s important to have variety of premium cat food in a meal. If your animal is used, since kitten age, to frequent changes in his menu it will always be easier to impose a special diet in case he is sick. Whatever you do, choose only premium cat food…and your cat will love you !!

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