Cat Coughs After Purring

Few things evoke more joy for a cat owner than Kitty curled up on the lap and purring contentedly. Granted that cats still purr even when they are in distress or in pain, for the most part purring expresses a state of pleasure. But when this delightful purring results into a fit of coughing, it […]

Cat Coughs After Running

Playtime is a wonderful way to develop the bond between you and your cat. It is also a good form of exercise in your pet’s otherwise relatively sedentary lifestyle. When your cat is having the time of her life running after the little red dot but then suddenly goes into a fit of coughing, then […]

Cat Coughs After Eating

Coughing is a normal reflex and it is our body’s way to expel irritants from the throat, airways and lungs. It works the same way in cats too, although coughing is not frequent in this species. When a cat coughs during or shortly after a meal, it may be a sign of problems involving either the […]